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Healing Sessions


How about to take a moment for you, a time to relax and breath, a time to feel what it is like to be you? 

The Healing Sessions is an event consisting of holistic treatment sessions that include therapeutic massage techniques, reiki, acupressure, craniosacral, osteopathy, and other therapies.

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos



*Body & Soul Serenity*

It's a full body massage design by Martin Cairoli, a never experienced experience, gentle, sensitive, intuitive, and holistic.

So much more than a basic massage.


*Sensory Experience*

Tulamassage is a floor-based massage with oil created and designed by Louka Leppard. Is a rhythmic, deep and flowing massage therapy that honors the natural streamlines and pathways of your body.


*Meditation Through Movement*

Tulayoga is not a Doing but an Undoing.

Tulayoga is a journey inwards, towards you axis; a return through sensation into union with your body and the present moment. 
Tulayoga is designed by Louka Leppard.




Please, do not drink any caffeinated drinks or eat a large meal 3 hours before any treatment as it will hinder your ability to relax. Some of them are strong (in a very good way) and you probably won't feel like doing anything afterward, it would be better to leave your day open to enjoy how you feel if you can.


Ideally, you would receive the Pasiddhi and Tulamassage naked and covered with a sheet and blanket. If you are uncomfortable with being undressed, don’t worry, please wear a string (one that you don’t mind getting some oil on).


The Tulayoga session is received fully clothed, please be sure to bring a comfortable pair of leggings or trousers without pockets, and a fitted T-shirt that covers your shoulders completely.

Photo credits: Martin Cairoli. (Unplash) Roman Kraft, Lucrezia Carnelos.

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