Meditation Through Movement

Tulayoga is not a Doing but an Undoing.

Tulayoga is a journey inwards, towards you axis; a return through sensation into union with your body and the present moment.

It comes from the Sanskrit language and is a combination of the words "balance" and "union".

It is received in a safe and quiet space and it brings together complementary aspects of understanding and practice from YOGA, ACROBATICS, and MEDITATION. Each posture has a specific action on the body.


Tulayoga is practiced using balance, momentum, and grace rather than force and strength.
While the receiver its supported and balanced in the air, the gentle and constant pull of gravity effortlessly opens, elongates and aligns the body. While the body opens, becoming more relaxed, balanced and aligned the mind is dropping into a progressively deeper conscious awareness until both the practitioner and receiver enter in
of meditative stillness.


Tulayoga is designed by Louka Leppard




You don’t need to be young or flexible to receive Tulayoga.

Each posture adjusts to your particular body type and flexibility, respecting any personal limitations without forcing, encouraging a pleasurable and natural release. Many of the postures are inverted but there is no uncomfortable sensation of blood pressure in the head due the specific positioning of the practitioner’s hands and feet and the gentle restriction of the femoral veins and arteries. 


Floating with closed eyes, without external reference, being held, balanced and moved through space, you come into contact, and progressively deeper connection, with sensations and feelings at the core of your body.


The entire treatment lasts 2hs 30min. Begins with 90 minutes of Tulamassage followed by 30 minutes of floating in the air and time to gently come back to reality before leaving.





*Release of accumulated tension from the pelvis, lumbar region, psoas, abdomen, diaphragm, chest, shoulders, neck and face. 
*Elongation of the vertebral column and decompression of the intervertebral discs increasing general mobility and encouraging a gentle and natural alignment.
*Regulation of  digestive system and menstrual cycle.
*Increase of breathing capacity, blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
*Harmonization of the endocrine system; sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems are soothed and balanced.

*Overall the body and posture becomes more relaxed, balanced and aligned.



*Progressive & deeper conscious awareness.
*State of meditative stillness.


*Clear and immediate reduction of depression & stress.
*Release of emotional blockages and repressed trauma.
*Increase in one’s ability to trust and surrender.



“Esta experiencia hoy ha conseguido remontarme a cuando era un bebe y me mecían en la cuna. Consiguiendo una relajación de cada partícula que me forma; y sentir una elevación de mi misma, flotando por el universo. Una sensación de liberación pero al mismo tiempo devolviéndome la energía que me faltaba."





“A wonderful treatment tailored for what you need at a particular moment. Tulayoga is my all time favorite.”





“I went to see Martin for therapeutic massages cause my back was very tensed and my neck and shoulders were blocked. Martin massages helped me to relax and release the tensions. Through the massages, I really appreciated his technics, his sensitiveness, his efficiency, his commitment and the specific advice he gave me to improve my posture and my tensions management.


Then we did a TULA session. The first part is an oil massage which covers all the body. When I felt very relaxed we started the postures. For this part, I was glad to know Martin from the previous massage cause I needed to really trust him so I knew he will not let me fall. Every time I was starting to feel uncomfortable with a posture (scared of falling mainly) he helped me to let it go, relax and let the gravity take control again. I am not a stretched woman and I am usually not enjoying that much stretching cause I feel like pushing my body too much, but during Tula experience I really enjoyed feeling my body stretched naturally with only gravity, I wasn't afraid of injuring myself.

The deep breathing helped me during the all time to relax and focus my mind on feeling my body, and the exchange of energy.


This experience was very intense for me and the next days I felt so full of good energy and power. Merci !”