Body & Soul Serenity

Pasiddhi is a full body massage designed by Martin Cairoli. It is a never experienced experience, gentle, sensitive, intuitive and holistic; so much more than a basic one.

Through the unique combination of techniques such as Sports massage, 
Chi Nei Tsang, acupressure and craniosacral massage among others, Pasiddhi not only involves physical, energetic and emotional tension release but deeper energies.

Pasiddhi is a therapeutic massage done with warmth, care, and love; healing the body, the soul, and bringing them to a peaceful state.


Sessions of 90' and 120'.



*Deep relaxation

*Releases deeper energies

*Releases blockages and accumulated tension in the muscles 

*Balance the energy flow

*Reinforces body's natural self - healing process

*State of calm & tenderness

*Helps in cases of insomnia, depression, anger, etc




“Sensitivity goes beyond technique, but when both come together, sometimes, therapist and patient manage to connect and take the experience much further. Martin has that gift. He listens to the body and soul of whoever falls into his hands, connects and heals. It is, without a doubt, an absolutely recommendable experience.”





“I had a 90 minute relaxation massage with Martin as I particularly needed relief from the daily stresses. First of all he has created a beautiful environment in his studio and his gentle warm energy immediately put me at ease. The massage itself was the most thorough all over body massage that I have ever had. He paid attention to every part of the body and so just drained away every ounce of tension in my body. He uses many different techniques all adding something special to the overall experience. Which is how the massage felt, like an experience! I felt so wonderfully relaxed afterwards so much so that I recommend a day of rest after a Martin experience. Thank you Martin.”