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Deep Inner Journey

Pratyahara "withdrawal of the senses": implies the conscious movement of attention from external stimuli to the internal world.

It is about cultivating a greater awareness of oneself and one's own internal experience.

In this session, I invite you to live a unique experience that goes beyond a simple massage. It is a journey through your body, connecting the physical, the energetic and the emotional.

The ceremony begins with the intake of medicinal plants, where we will together establish an intention for the session. Then, you will enjoy a deep massage.

And we will end with an integration, where we will reflect on what we have experienced


The use of medicinal plants in this session will intensify the release of control and connection with your bodily sensations and emotions.

The purpose of this session is to live a revealing and transformative experience!




This particular session it consists of three differentiated stages, INGESTION (30/45min), TRANSIT (90/120min) and INTEGRATION (30/45min).

During the INGESTA of medicine it is the moment in which we will put the intention or purpose to this experience.

Setting an intention means focusing the mind and heart on a specific goal that you want to seek or achieve.

It involves establishing a clear and conscious purpose to direct our actions and energies towards the realization of that objective (heal, transit, recognize, interpret, ...)

By setting an intention, we are expressing our will, commitment and focus on achieving something concrete, which can help us generate positive changes in our lives and attract desirable experiences. It is a way of programming our mind so that it is aligned with what we want to achieve.

Once the intention is set and when the medicine begins to act, the TRANSIT of the experience begins, the massage itself.

At this stage, the energetic physical and emotional bodies are merged, through touch, music and energy. With the purpose of releasing tensions and blockades.

In the final stage of THE INTEGRATION, we will assimilate what we have experienced, thus closing the experienced ceremony.





  • Release of tension and blockages accumulated in the body.

  • It reinforces the body's natural self-healing process.

  • Balance the energy flow

  • Harmonization of the nervous system sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are relieved and balanced.


  • Progressive and deeper awareness.

  • State of meditative stillness.

  • Release the beliefs of the mind.


  • Clear and immediate reduction of depression and stress.

  • Release of emotional blockages and repressed trauma.

  • Increase in one's ability to trust and surrender.

  • Deeper connection with our emotions and feelings.

Feeling of HARMONY between body, mind and soul.


“Martin’s work is beyond brilliant.
Hard to even describe what he does. I guess you only meet a few genuine healers in your life and he is definitely one of those."


“My session with Martin went way beyond my physical, universal matter. He takes you on a journey of pure, higher consciousness and connectivity.


“When the session with Martin ended I told him that it feels like ending a journey.
For a moment there the outside world ceased to exist"


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