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Sports Massage Focus on Surf

I have been (and I am) surfer all my life, and I know very well the substantive needs that people who practice this sport may have. So I have designed this treatment that includes various massage techniques such as craniosacral massage, trigger points, stretching and diaphragm treatment among others; particularly suitable for relieving tired muscles after a long day of surfing and leaving the body in optimal conditions for another sports session. 












Coming to Martin with a somewhat 'overdone in surfing'-stiff and tired body, with many 'hidden' blockages in the muscles. He not only found the trigger points but actually helped release them by deep massage and osteopathic manipulation, giving relief in my whole system. In addition, I experienced a relaxation of muscles all over and new energy. His presence, full focus, knowledge, dedication and deep listening to my body instead of just following a learned set of skills, created the perfect mixture of therapy and relaxation, so I could fully enjoy my next days of surf! Whenever back on the island, I know where to go…”



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