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This week-long retreat is for pleasure and relaxation. It gives you the time and space to slow down, to relax and recharge. We will be traveling around the landscapes and turquoise waters of the Aegean coast on board a traditional wooden sailing schooner.


At this time of year, there are few tourists on the Aegean sea, as the season is coming to a quiet end.

The days are still warm and the evenings on deck and nights in the cabin are cool.



Goleta Gumus 1 


This boat is 32 meters long. The trip is very relaxed and stable, so you don’t need to worry about sea sickness.

There is a lot of space on board. As well as simple wooden-decorated cabins, there are chill-out areas – some with shade to get out of the sun- on the front and back parts of the boat.




On board, there is a crew of 4 men at your service who look after everything including sailing, cooking and boat maintenance.




The meals served for breakfast, lunch and dinner are fresh, delicious, light and healthy. White tea, a variety of fresh fruit, dried fruit, salads, vegetables, rice, and fish. Please bear in mind that coffee, alcohol, and tobacco are not allowed on board.




For the most part of the retreat, there is no agenda. Your days are free to rest, read, swim in the different shades of turquoise water. To enjoy the breeze, sunbathe or wander on-shore for a little while enjoying the beautiful bays and small towns.

You can do as much or as little as you like.




Every morning undercover, while the sun is rising, you will be guided through a slow and gentle yoga practice by Itzíar Goikolea.




During the week you will receive an individual hand treatment from Martin.




Every afternoon while the sun sets, undercover and rocked gently by the motion of the water, you will be guided through meditation by Louka Leppard.


Option 1 


Shared double cabin with en-suite bathroom

1.800 €/person


Option 2


Private individual cabin with en-suite bathroom




Both options include:


*7 nights accommodation

*Catering service, 3 meals a day included.

*Yoga classes with Itziar Goikolea

*Guided meditation with Louka Leppard

*Hand massage from Martin Cairoli

*Everything is included except flights and transfers to and from Bodrum airport.





21st - 28th | September | 2019





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