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Yoga, Massage & Mindfulness Healing Holidays

by Itziar Goikolea & Martin Cairoli


How about if you could trust that you are exactly where you have to be at this time? If you could trust you're going in the right direction? Well, in the right direction is inward. A sacred return journey to the heart. To find the truth that lives in your body. The sacred Temple of your spirit embodied this moment...




It is located in the beautiful region of Tejakula, in the north of the island of Bali.

It is a sustainable project that maintains a balance with nature and local people. They have their own ecological garden in addition to their fruit trees.




The program can be adapted to your needs. You can enjoy practicing gently or more deeply in a 3h 30' yoga session (Asanas, Pranayama, Relaxation, Meditation) in the morning. In the afternoon you are free to walk along the beach, enjoy the pool or receive individual treatment of massage from Martin.

We suggest 3 hours of silence ... (between 12 - 3 p.m).


If you want to go deeper into your practices, there will be yoga classes and Mindfulness sessions in the afternoon.




There are several types of accommodation. Some of them can be shared and others for single occupancy.



Made of wood, bamboo and Alang-Alang leaves. Some cabins built with brick and stone. They are simple, comfortable and cozy. Each one has its own bathroom.


*Standard room

Built with bamboo, wood and volcanic stone. With its own bathroom. Simple, beautiful, comfortable and integrated into nature.




Breakfast*, lunch, dinner, and catering are included in the price of the retreat. Catering is at your disposal at any time of the day; consists of water, fresh fruit, infusions of ginger, lemongrass and organic coffee, chocolate, honey, palm sugar, and lime. All cooked by a team of happy Balinese chefs.




Fresh fruit, fruit juice or green smoothies, homemade muesli, homemade yogurt (cow or cashews), toasted homemade bread, pancakes made with rice flour (chocolate and banana, sugar beet, banana leaf...). Scrambled eggs, dhal, salad, rice, homemade porridge, and homemade muesli.


A delicious and creative fusion between Western and Balinese vegetarian cuisine. Based on organic vegetables, tofu, tempeh, salads, soups, and vegetables. They have their own organic garden where all foods come from.





Flights and transportation from the airport to the north of the island are not included in the costs of the retreat.

Transport from the airport costs approximately 60€ to share between 4 people (it may vary year to year)





We offer several activities that are not included in the price, must be paid 15 days before the departure of the flight (prices vary from year to year so until not approaching the date of the retreat, cannot be closed)


*The water ceremony

Introduction to their ceremonies and offerings (including transportation to the Temple).


*Balinese food workshop

Five menus will take place.


We will hike through the rice fields and swim in the waterfalls of Sekumpul (includes guide, transportation, and food)





You do not need to request a visa to go to Bali. Arriving at the airport you get one free with a month of validity.

It is not necessary to have previous experience in yoga and meditation.




8th - 18th | September | 2020



(+34) 667038867


(+34) 664000656

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